Commemorating 34th Anniversary: OSIS PK Opens SMANDA BOLIGA SEASON V

14 Mei 2024
14:21:28 WIB
"Why REBORN, because it hasn't been held for 3 years, during the Covid-19 pandemic. And we took the theme "NASMAYA" which means Hope towards Victory, at the age of 34 this year we hope that SMAN 2 Metro will become a better school in all fields but still remain humble." said the Chief Executive, Ike Adelia Syilfa Chair of the OSIS/PK.

SMANDA BOLIGA SEASON 5 is an annual event that brings together students from various SMA/MA and SMP throughout Lampung to compete in competitions in sports, agility and science.

Among the competitions are Futsal, High School & Middle School Solo Song, Middle School Scout Gymnastics, Men's & Women's High School PBB, Men's & Women's Middle School PBB, Men's & Women's PMR, and Middle & High School Science & Social Sciences Festival. This year, the event, which was held from 10 to 20 May 2024, attracted the attention of not only the participants, but also spectators from various corners of Lampung.

In this festive opening, the Deputy Head of Curriculum, Drs. Tri Woko HS, representing the Principal of SMA Negeri 2 Metro, who was unable to attend due to external services, conveyed a message of encouragement to all participants to compete with sportsmanship and prioritize the values of fair play in every match.
"SMANDA BOLIGA is not just a competition event, but also an event to strengthen brotherhood between schools and build leadership character and team spirit in each individual," said Mr. Tri Woko in his speech.

The official opening of SMANDA BOLIGA was marked by the beating of the gong by Mr. Tri Woko who was accompanied by the OSIS Trustees, teachers and committee representatives who were greeted with loud applause. The looks on the faces of the participants were ready to fight to win the championship title and make their respective schools proud.

"I hope that SMANDA BOLIGA SEASON V 2024 can become a stage for achievements for the participants, as well as foster a spirit of unity and togetherness among Lampung students. "Messaged Ali Kurniawan, Headmaster of SMA Negeri 2 Metro via Whatsapp message.

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